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September 9, 2009 a Nordson company website architecture and design. Logo, graphics, copy, UI design, flash components and forms. SEO and SEM implementation and management.

New Rules For Old-School SEO, Email

September 8, 2009

When it comes to email newsletters, attract the correct audience through “informational” and “discovery” search engine queries. Rand Fishkin tells us how. In a Whiteboard Friday, he explains the fundamentals of building an email list and integrating SEO practices.

Social Networks Not Much of a Marketplace

July 24, 2009

A study, recently released by WorkPlace Media, outlines some of the hurdles facing major brands as they attempt to harness the worlds of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, to create an impact with consumers.The study, which polled office Internet users, found that 55% maintained at least one social networking account. However, of those respondents, only 43% reported accessing their social networking accounts at work, and even for those with access, 78% reported spending less than 30 minutes per day on their site(s).

Understanding Keywords, Key Phrases

July 21, 2009

adCenter Blog
Andy Atkins-Krueger believes the world revolves around keywords and key phrases, yet no one understands them. Part of the problem, Atkins-Krueger writes, resides in the training people get from search engines, as a result of their search experience. Searcher’s queries can change as they get feedback from SERPs. Unfortunately, he writes, sometimes that can confuse not only the searcher, but the marketer, too.

Do Social Media ‘Experts’ Overestimate Their Abilities?

July 20, 2009

Perhaps because it’s still a relatively new field, interactive marketers seriously lack confidence in their ability to measure the relative effectiveness of social media campaigns, according to a new study by Forrester Research. Of 119 interactive marketers asked between May and June to rank such measurement capabilities on a scale of 1 to 10 — 1 being novice and 10 being expert — the average response was 4.5. “We find this average ambitious considering that social media is still less than four years old,” said Emily Riley, Forrester Research analyst and author of the report.
Indeed, few respondents reported having any established metrics for their social marketing campaigns.

SEO: Not Dead, Just Changed

July 16, 2009

ZDNet Panelists at the Revenue Bootcamp Conference discussed the best ways to drive traffic to your site. Charlene Li, founder of The Altimeter Group, moderated panelists SimplyHired’s Dion Lim, Quick Sprout’s Neil Patel, and MySearchGuru’s Anita Cohen-Williams. In the video clip, panelists agreed SEO has changed. Some believe organic SEO, rather than paid search, provides […]

B2B Email Marketing Comes Of Age

July 16, 2009

Many of us who write about email marketing best practices, trends and the state of the industry tend to focus on B2C companies such as retail, travel and other ecommerce-oriented companies.

Maybe, in part, it’s because we are all consumers. Everyone can relate to a case study or welcome email program from a sporting goods retailer, for example.

Consumer marketers have traditionally led in marketing innovation with their larger budgets and resources, use of agencies and direct sales models.

How to Prevent Your Brand From Becoming a Victim of Cyber Fraud

May 1, 2009

A new study by the nonprofit Online Trust Alliance suggests that marketers are doing too little to protect the reputation of their brands online, with only 37% of Fortune 500 companies taking robust security measures to safeguard against cyber-fraud. And phishing — fake e-mails often sent under the guise of well-known, trusted brands, usually to obtain credit-card numbers — is on the rise.

A Gartner study released last week said in the 12 months ended September 2008, more than 5 million U.S. consumers — 40% more than in the same period a year ago — lost money to phishing attacks. These well-publicized e-mail scams have made consumers wary of opening commercial e-mails. And perhaps no one feels the pain more than financial services companies, a prime target of scammers.

Social Networking Generates Leads

April 22, 2009

According to a social media study by Michael Stelzner for the Social Media Success Summit 2009, 88% of marketers in a recent survey say they are now using some form of social media to market their business, though 72% of those using it say they have only been at it a few months or less.

Why Web Analytics Tools Fail

April 9, 2009

In 2009, Web analytics managers have a multitude of different tools to select to deploy at their corporation. Sets of tools from industry leaders, such as Omniture, WebTrends, Unica, CoreMetrics , Google, and Yahoo, are among the most popular, while options from smaller players like ClickTracks and Woopra exist as well. In theory, you deploy a tool, customize it to fit your needs, and start analyzing the reports — and it all goes swimmingly, right?